The whole point of this website is to document my notes and plays in a more organized fashion for myself. Making it easier to reference some of my work to others. For now this site is public domain and available to anyone who stumbles upon it. As I learn and progress I hope my plays become more accurate and finite. I do not suggest following my plays as this site's main purpose is educational. Additionally I do have a small discord group that focuses on learning and enjoying the lucrative game of investing. Our goal is not to profit, but rather to share ideas and enjoy a rather rare hobby together. If you wish to join click the button on the bottom right corner. Cheers. :)

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The overall goal of this site is to document my plays in a much more organized fashion. I do not advise anyone to follow these plays as they're mainly being used to test my personal skills as I grow and learn. This site is only for education purposes. If you're curious about a stock and want a second set of eyes, feel free to type in the following information on the right.

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